Continuing our series on transitions, Wendy, another of our LIFe2 alumni shows tremendous courage to leave a comfortable safe job to explore new possibilities in a conservative Asian country.  Her grace and patience in engaging with her personal stakeholders to get their support is something we can all learn from.  Was it all worth it?  Absolutely!  Her prize:  sleeping better, feeling liberated to be herself, and taking up her power again.  This is particularly amazing in contrast to how sandwiched she felt before her LIFE2, with so much pressure on her.

This is the first episode of our Transition series.  With so much disruption due to covid and other longer lasting forces, transitions are happening whether we like it or not. One of our LIFE2 alumni, a high-flyer banker, shares her story of being retrenched and embracing her calling to help others in its full rawness.  Her hard work to embrace her calling and gain the necessary skills in the few years since her LIFE2 has paid off.  She and I both hope this sharing will encourage all of you, all of us to embrace the coming waves and transitions with courage, care, and self-compassion.  

Continuing with our series on Leading in Co-vid times, this episode consists of Tsun-yan sharing his thoughts on the leadership required in co-vid times from a panel discussion with apex Asian business leaders, and then answering questions on his talk from members of the LinHart LIFE community during last Sunday’s annual LIFE retreat.  

For our double episode, we talk to Ron Kaufman, world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures.  Tsun-yan, Ron, and Huijin have a wide ranging conversation about the “caring” crisis underlying more obvious crises like climate change, protectionism, and co-vid induced disruption, and how that could be overcomed if we let go our isolated sense of self, and instead embraced the human connection with others.  This calls for Presence, the topic of episode 16, to lean into each moment, with joy and heart.  


Presence is vital to our struggle as a human being:  becoming aware of our whole self, being true to ourselves, and getting into a productive relationship with the world around us, seizing key moments for a larger purpose.  Tsun-yan brings this alive with examples as mundane as dinner with family, to acing the meeting of a life-time, based on multiple decades of consciously becoming more present.  

Studies suggest that more than 70% of people experience the impostor syndrome at some point in their career, especially affecting minorities and younger professionals.  I unpack this with Lei and Justin, and talk about the importance of seeing our own efforts, choices, and capabilities more objectively.   “The truth shall set you free.” 

Ego, “inconvenient truths”, and “big heartedness” are some of the key strands in this episode on confronting reality.  It sounds so basic, yet we can all remember a time when we ourselves or someone else didn’t want, didn’t care to, didn’t have the capacity to confront reality.   Tsun-yan reminds us how important it is to confront reality, and how to cultivate the open mindedness, curiosity, and big heartedness to go beyond preconceived notions to see more possibilities, good and bad.

Huijin has been looking forward to this opportunity to reconnect with her ex-colleague Joven Mak, former editor of Cosmo Girl magazine (Hong Kong).  While discussing the changing paradigms in fashion/luxury goods with Lei, our guest presenter, they also visit with Joven’s courageous decision to quit the glamorous media industry to become a career coach, and the freedom and purpose she has gained as a result. 

We start our series on Young Professionals with an issue universal to all, fear.   Mastering fear is a life long journey, so it is no wonder young professionals are impacted by fear the most.  In this episode, Huijin and Lei talk with young professional Justin Chan how to deal with the fear of failure, how to change the perspective of fear from something bad to something that can be useful, and finish with actionable first steps to embracing fear.

Continuing our Wisdom on Development Series, today we talk about an area which hasn’t come easy to many, creativity.  Is it the gift of a few lucky few or something all of us have?   Tsun-yan shares his fierce belief on how all of us can uncover the creativity inside of ourselves and channel it towards business and artistic endeavours.

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